Sr. Full Stack Developer

Interactive Business Systems

Sr. Full Stack Developer Pella IA


Percentages represent guidelines only; May vary by position and fluctuate due to changing business needs.

  1. 35%  Code development Develop code based on the technical design specifications.  Perform initial code checkout.  Communicate status to parties involved.  Familiar with and helps improve and establish development standards.  Is capable of developing across all key development tools available.  Assists other analysts in increasing their knowledge of various technical tools.
  2.  20%  Day to day support of existing environment Production issue resolution (alerts, tickets, requests from analysts).  Able to quickly diagnose issues in a wide variety of areas without specific, detailed knowledge in the problematic area. 
  3. 20%  Technical design work Technical specifications  and analysis required to meet business needs.  Able to take general business requirements and build a robust technical design through the entire business process.  Creates and/or reviews technical design work for other technical analysts.
  4. 10%  Project management Provides estimates of various technical tasks.  Coordinates projects with more than one technical requirement.
  5. 10%  Capacity/performance management Performs reviews for a variety of projects across many business areas. 
  6.  5%  Documentation and support handoff Produce documentation to turn over to functional analyst or Sr. Analyst/Expert to be saved to appropriate location.  Provides documentation and proposals for both technical and business analysts.
  7. Supervisory Responsibilities: None
  8. Responsibilities outside of normal business hours: On-call rotation as assigned.  Support for implementations of projects assigned will occur on weekends.
  9. Other duties may be assigned.


  • Own all stages of development process: design, develop, test, implementation and operational support.
  • Leverage modern development technologies for building breakthrough business applications and customer experiences.
  • Evaluate trends and contribute to the direction of the technical development process and tools used for a better Pella digital experience.
  • Translate business requirements into operational systems.
  • Propose creative and elegant solutions to complex technical problems.
  • Develop, performant, secure, device agnostic, accessibility standards compliant, and SEO friendly code.
  • Collaborate and communicate with the team in an agile work environment.
  • Mentor junior team members.

Technical skills

  • Strong Front-End Web development skills using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, REST APIs.
  • Understanding and interpreting business/technical requirements, wireframes, and design comps.
  • Strong Server-Side service and REST API development skills using Node.js, .Net Core, Java.
  • Experience with mobile app and progressive web app development
  • Streaming technologies (Kafka, RabbitMQ).
  • Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, CI/CD, Git, DevOps,
  • Identity Management skills will be a plus (Oracle, Okta),
  • Experience with Automated Testing tools will be a plus.



  1. Education and/or Experience:  Bachelors degree in computer or related field (MIS or Computer Science or equivalent) and 5+ years related experience.
  2. Leadership Competencies
    1. Create Customer Loyalty
    2. High Impact Delivery
    3. Lead Courageously
    4. Establish Plans
    5. Champion change and innovation
    6. Foster Collaboration

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